Oh, what a big story. A miserable one, but big.

I have to laugh (… or cry, can’t decide which) at how the media is missing perhaps the biggest story of the past half century… or even ever. Yeah, you know that little Moon landing by Neil and Buzz in 1969. Nothing. All those wars and terrorist attacks. (I’m shrugging.) The invention of the Internet. Please. For the past half century, we in the world have been engaged in the mass destruction of generations of human beings here on Earth. And we’ve been doing it thinking that we have been saving them. That we’ve been doing good. This whole vaccination thing continues to be a horror of inestimable proportions, and most of us refuse to awaken from it. Because what we will see when we ultimately do will perhaps be too much for our consciences to bare. Yet, that day will come. Sooner or later, we will awaken and we will have to bare it.


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