We treat our planet like a frat house

The relevant question with regard to climate change, in my opinion, is whether we humans have a damaging impact on our environment. Unquestionably, we do. Since, by and large, most of us think like children, many of us have this silly notion that we can pollute, drill, spill, and cement over at will without any consequences to our host planet (… the only one we’ve got at the moment, by the way). That’s just plain stupid. The issue isn’t so much whether there’s climate change or not. The issue is whether we will keep destroying our planet. Of course, now that we brilliant humans have done such a wonderful job of trashing everything here at home, we’re now making long-term plans to do the same on the Moon and the planet Mars. How keenly irresponsible. We’re like a bunch of drunken idiots living in a frat house. No one smells the stench or sees the piling filthy laundry and half-eaten slices of pizza all around.


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