This Naled idiocy

Naled Spraying in South Carolina to Combat Zika Kills Millions of Honeybees

So if a highly toxic pesticide like Naled can instantly kill millions of bees, why in the world would it not have a potentially devastating effect on a developing fetus in a mother’s womb? I marvel at the idiocy of our public health officials. Seriously. Really? Your answer to a relatively harmless virus that you speculate may cause microcephaly in a small percentage of developing fetuses is to spray a deadly chemical on unsuspecting populations in the hope that it will kill enough mosquitoes that you believe spread the virus? A chemical that you know can cause birth defects like the one you’re so concerned about. So didn’t it ever occur to you that you just might be making the problem infinitely, tragically worse? That you just might be causing countless more birth defects that would never have occurred had you not been so damn stupid to begin with?


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