What a cakewalk

Yeah, I have no big problem with the Electoral College system. Even though Hillary won the popular vote by nearly 2.9 million votes, I feel she fully earned her loss. She was a poor candidate, and ‘ole Bill didn’t help her much either with his stupid stroll across the tarmac. Frankly, even if she would’ve won the electoral vote along with the popular vote, I wouldn’t have been content unless she had crushed the loon. That this was even a close race is repulsive to me. So, yeah, I completely accept the results of the election. Graciously? Nah. Just accept. Now the time has come to unload. Had to suck it up and listen to all the birther crap and all the rest of the obstructionist doom-filled idiocy for the past eight years. Perhaps the saddest part is how much of a cakewalk this’ll be.


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