No, the flu shot doesn’t protect those around you.

This is a myth, flat out. Getting the flu shot DOES NOT protect those around you, and it doesn’t really protect you either. In fact, if you’re getting the live virus version of the flu vaccine, you may actually be passing on the flu to others through a process known as “viral shedding.” You take in a weakened version of the flu virus and then your body sheds the virus through bodily fluids. A person is protected from getting the flu (or any other infectious disease), not by an injected concoction of toxic chemicals and heavy metals, but rather by lowering his/her “susceptibility” to getting sick. You lower your susceptibility by strengthening your overall health and immune system through good nutrition (including lots of clean water and little or no sugar), plenty of sleep, low stress, sunlight, and exercise. Now, you may still get sick, but the effects will likely be much less severe because your body’s natural defenses will be in good shape to resist the attack. There. Get it? Good.

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