Funny if it weren’t so stupid

Relax, Democrats! A Trump win would be a third Obama term.

Yeah, this is the fascinating thing about it all. Trump is, in reality, a liberal Democrat and he’s an isolationist. He’s not a foreign policy hawk. He knows nothing or cares about national defense issues or strategy. He’s also not in the least bit religious. He has no theological grounding or lean, or even morals for that matter. On abortion, he is pro-choice. And he really doesn’t care much about gun rights… he’s a city boy. His only passion throughout his life has been accumulating personal wealth and building tall cement structures and attracting adulation. Oh, and chasing after beautiful women. The fact that he is the Republican candidate for President may well be the biggest scam in history. And some people have fallen for it like so many smart people did for Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme. Speechless.



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