Your babies keep us employed

Reported quotes from CDC employees responding to people protesting in front of CDC headquarters in Atlanta against the alleged corruption, fraud and cover-up by the agency regarding a study linking increased rates of autism in children who received the MMR (mumps, measles, rubella) vaccine and calling for CDC senior scientist and whistleblower Dr. William Thompson to testify before Congress…

“Get out of my way, stupid idiots.”

“Your babies keep us employed.”

Huh. What can you say really. I mean, kind of says it all, right?

6 thoughts on “Your babies keep us employed

  1. Those people need to be locked up! We will stand for justice for all the children who have died, been injured, had a reaction- those parent who thought they were doing the right thing because we place our trust in agencies such as this with OUR HEALTH and WELLBEING!! God bless all the people at the Rally!! CDC you showed your true colors to us yesterday and now we know what stand we need to continue to take

  2. You do know there is Karma. You do know there is a judgement day. You do know there is a special place for you after you die. You do know facts have and will continue to come out and you could be accountable. Is you job really worth hurting or killing a baby, child, or adult for life. Do you enjoy playing Russians Roulette.

  3. Its not only the CDC that covers up vaccine fraud. This is happening in Europe too. It’s an international problem and there is an international awakening happening. People are starting to see the corruption behind vaccines.

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