‘Victims of our own success’

Here’s an annoyingly common cliché with regard to vaccines… We are victims of our own success. How many times have you heard that one from medical doctors, public health officials, pharma representatives, and bought legislators? The idea is that the reason more and more people are refusing to get vaccinated or are at least questioning the need for vaccines is that, because vaccines have miraculously saved humanity from so many infectious diseases and nearly wiped so many of them off the face of the Earth, we have forgotten about how bad things used to be and have, thus, come to take vaccines for granted. Oh, how ungrateful we are! Yeah, the problem is two-fold. First, vaccines are not the reason certain infectious diseases are not as common as they used to be. And second, many infectious diseases that we think no longer exist, in fact, do exist, but under a different name. Surprise! Yeah, that whole manipulation of the disease naming thing is a real drag. Kind of obfuscates reality a bit.

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