Yes, we’re better off than we were eight years ago. Next question.

Are we as a nation (the United States of America) better off than we were eight years ago? Uh, duh. Yeah. Without a doubt. For those with a short (or no) memory, let me remind everyone that our economy was on the verge of collapse, the stock market had plunged, the US auto industry was in danger of disappearing, there was talk of war with Iran, and we were fully deployed militarily in two Muslim nations (Afghanistan and Iraq), thus further destabilizing an already unstable and volatile region of the world—the effects of which we’re still suffering. Gee, sorry we couldn’t fix the mess any faster!

Anyone who longs for the “good old days” of the last year of George W. Bush is probably smoking more weed than Gary Johnson. Yeah, I’ve heard those numbers about the declining worker participation in our economy. Hey, did you ever hear of the “baby boomers”? Yeah, they’ve been retiring in huge numbers. Wow, I wonder what might be the effect on our worker participation numbers when members of the single largest segment of our population are deciding they’re no longer interested in or able to continue working? Right. Oh, okay, the national debt is much worse. Got me there. You ever try to fix a crumbling house without a budget?


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