We’re just getting dumber

The Dumbing Down of Society—Dr. Russell Blaylock

I think this (video) offers a very good explanation of, at least in part, why the United States is becoming less and less competitive in many ways. It’s not that China is stealing our jobs or that America is being invaded by illegal immigrants who are stealing our jobs. No, those are just ignorant views. Given how physically and mentally sick we Americans are and how less intelligent we’re becoming (partly because of what Dr. Blaylock has described and partly because of the poor state of our education system), it is amazing that we have any jobs growth at all in this country. Of course, we’ve also lost jobs due to automation… you know, robotics and the like. If we want to jack up job creation in the US, then we as a people have got to become healthier and better educated, and we have to avoid the tendency to automate everything. And, for God’s sake, we have to stop whining and complaining how everyone in the world is screwing us.


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