Stop-and-frisk neanderthalism

We all intensely dislike government overreach because we believe it compromises our individual rights, liberties and freedoms. The question is what defines government overreach? It’s not often an absolute thing. Most often, it is an objective thing, relative. To some, what seems like overreach may be perfectly reasonable and within bounds to others. To me, forcing people to get vaccinated against their consent is perhaps one of the most obscene examples of government overreach in the history of humanity.

Another obscene example is the supposed law enforcement policy of “stop-and-frisk.” First of all, it is unconstitutional. Surprise! Mostly, though, it is a gross violation of one’s body and freedom of mobility based primarily on the equally obscene practice of “racial profiling”—aimed mainly at people of color (notably black) or perceived ethnic (notably Latino) or religious (notably Muslim) background. (Whitey usually gets a pass here.)

These policies are the outgrowth of fear, weakness of every sort, and neanderthalic thinking. They are an embarrassment to our species and should be jettisoned to Mars. (Sorry ’bout that Elon.)


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