We don’t live in North Korea

Okay, you just can’t make this stuff up. There’s this article by Steve Gust in The Oklahoman titled “Pro-Vaccine Group Works to Increase Oklahoma’s Immunization Rate“… take a look. There’s a mention of a House Bill 3016, which apparently is considered to be an anti-vaccination bill, at least according to pediatrician Thomas Kuhls, MD who heads up a group called Vaccinate Oklahoma (VaccOK).

Note that the purpose of the bill is to create the “Parental Rights Immunization Act; requiring health care provider to obtain informed consent from legal representative prior to vaccinating child; requiring health care provider to provide certain information; providing for codification; and providing an effective date.”

House Bill 3016 is not anti anything. If anything, it is a pro bill, notably pro informed consent, pro education, pro information, and pro awareness. It is, at its core, entirely pro consumer. It says some doctor or nurse or physician’s assistant (who, by the way, know squat about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines) can’t just come along and giddily stick a syringe containing viruses, toxic chemicals and metals, preservatives, aborted fetal tissue cells, and animal crap into you or your child without your permission.

That’s it. Simple. Hey, we don’t live in North Korea!


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