Let’s not be dummies, Brian

Yeah yeah, we’ve been exposed (and immunized) to this absurd thought process many times before. It has gotten old Brian. Oh, sorry, I’m referring to Brian Koberlain’s article “Why Anti-Vaxxers Are Wrong About Mercury In Shots” in Forbes magazine. Brian’s advertorial position is that the preservative Thimerosal in vaccines is safe because, while it is mercury, it is the good kind of mercury—ethyl mercury—versus the bad kind of mercury—methyl mercury—found in tuna. Ugh (God help me, please). So, by all means, inject away!

Hey, look Brian, I’m not a toxicologist or biochemist, and neither are you. From the looks of it, you’re an astrophysicist. Awesome. Hey, I’m a space analyst. So, let me refer you to someone who actually knows what he’s talking when it comes to this kind of stuff. Boyd Haley. Read up: Both Ethylmercury and Methylmercury are Extremely Toxic.

Dr. Haley ends by saying: “I mean, it makes me angry that people try to use, or force that type of logic on well-meaning and well-thinking people. You just have to look up and say, ‘Don’t be such a dummy.’ I mean, Thimerosal is plenty toxic to cause a problem.” Yeah Brian, let’s not be dummies. I mean, we’re both space guys, right.


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