Vaccines have been a victim of their own success?

“Vaccines have been a victim of their own success.” It’s a statement that makes you wanna gag (or heave). It is often used by guys such as Paul Offit to explain why there is such a growing, permanent movement away from vaccines. It suggests that because vaccines have been so successful in eliminating or dramatically diminishing the incidence of infectious diseases such as smallpox and polio and measles, people just can’t appreciate or recall how horrendous those diseases were, and so they take vaccines for granted.

Nice try, but no cigar. All those diseases guys like Offit claim were conquered by vaccines were on their way out BEFORE the vaccines were introduced. Then, of course, there is the nonsensical idea that those diseases are largely gone. Nope, they’re still around. Surprise! They’ve just been given different names. It’s a little hat trick, you see. You invent a rationale for diagnosing a disease as something else, then you manipulate the incidence numbers for the disease, and you claim victory. Nice, huh?


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