Get real, we’re enforcing our immigration laws. Just not enough.

The claim that the US government does not enforce its immigration laws is an ignorant one. It’s inaccurate and stupid. A more accurate, less stupid version is that the government needs to better enforce its immigration laws. That requires more money and more personnel. (Higher taxes, anyone?) It also requires more political will to break up families and confront citizen groups and organizations, such as churches, that are providing sanctuary to illegal immigrants.

Oh, there’s the little matter of taking on agricultural companies and farmers who depend on illegal immigrants to do the picking and hauling that Americans (who so often like to complain about there being no jobs) simply don’t wish to do. All of this involves more lawsuits and spending political capital at the local level.

Hondurans and others from Central America arrive weekly in their home countries aboard chartered airliners. This process has grown during the past eight years. The problem is that the crime and violence (fueled by guns and illegal drug purchases from the North) have continued to worsen in Central America, and so the outflow of Central Americans seeking refuge continues unabated. When you get right down to it, it’s really more of a refugee situation than an illegal immigration one.

Full enforcement of immigration laws is problematic when the core problems are not being acknowledged, much less addressed. But there is enforcement. But it’s akin to the little Dutch boy using his finger to plug a leak in a dike that is about burst. He’s doing something, but it just isn’t enough.


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