This is no way to do healthcare, science

Whenever you read or hear the cliché, “Vaccines are safe and effective,” ALWAYS remember that it is NOT based on science. The “safe” part is particularly and painfully absurd because there have never been studies conducted comparing vaccinated versus unvaccinated people. NEVER. That’s no small oversight. But also remember that the main tracking system we have for serious reactions to vaccines is the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)*. Many (perhaps most) doctors and nurses are not even aware of its existence, so they would NEVER report any reaction to a vaccine they gave. Each of those cases would simply disappear into oblivion. It is estimated that the number of serious vaccine reactions reported to VAERS is as low as 1-3%.

Think about that. That means that 97-99% of serious vaccine injuries (or deaths) are not a part of the public record, at least not in the official database. So what does that tell you? Well, it tells you that WE DO NOT HAVE A CLUE about the extent to which vaccines are hurting us and our children. When we allow someone (some relative stranger) to stick a syringe into us and inject “stuff” that those doing the injecting, for the most part, have no clue WHAT they’re injecting and how you will respond, we’re simply trusting that everything will be just fine. That trust is MISPLACED because it is based on complete and utter IGNORANCE. Seriously now, is this any way to do healthcare, science?

* “The VAERS database is a federally funded surveillance system based on self-reporting, meaning that only those with the wherewithal to report their adverse event will do so. The VAERS system itself states: ‘Underreporting’ is one of the main limitations of passive surveillance systems, including VAERS. The term ‘underreporting’ refers to the fact that VAERS receives reports for only a small fraction of actual adverse events.'” — Brian S. Hooker, PhD, PE

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