A little pragmatism on immigration (sorry)

Yes yes, we know there will never be a mass deportation of the 11-20 million estimated illegal aliens (… or the nicer term “undocumented immigrants”) in the United States. Yes, of course, there will eventually be a day of reckoning when many, if not most, of those individuals will be given “amnesty” (… or some politically less offensive word like pardon, remission, legalization, forgiveness).  And no, they will not be forced to pay “back taxes.” These are largely very poor people. The money just ain’t there. At most, they will be required to pay some sort of processing fee or penalty charge.

Probably, they will never be granted citizenship. But that doesn’t matter, because all they really want is permanent residency status. You know, to be able to come out from the shadows and no longer fear being deported to the hellholes from whence they came. So they’ll be issued a green card (… or some equivalent proof of status). They will be brought up from the underground economy, and they will start to pay taxes like everyone else. And this whole silly debate will be over and we can move on. The approach is called PRAGMATISM.

Okay, we’ll still be left with the big problem of how to control our borders and how to enforce our immigration laws. Hey, life isn’t fair. Perhaps we might think of addressing the root causes of illegal immigration from down south. (Hint hint… the illegal drug trade, gun sales to cartels, gangs.) Hmm, now there’s a thought. Contrary to much of the hype, it’s not always about seeking the American Dream. Sometimes it’s simply about survival. Oh, and the wall? Right.


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