The mootness of vaccine “effectiveness”

The question of whether or not vaccines are “effective” is open to debate, at least to what degree. (I certainly have my opinions.) But that’s really not the most important or even relevant point in the overall debate about vaccination. A vastly more important question is are they “safe.” If they are not safe, then it doesn’t matter how effective they might be. Then, of course, there’s the question of whether vaccines are the only or even the best way to control the spread of infectious diseases.

We certainly know vaccines are not the only way. There is that little matter of lowering one’s susceptibility to disease by strengthening one’s immune system through proper nutrition, exercise, sunlight, and sleep. There’s also the matter of proper sanitation and maintaining overall good living conditions. There’s quarantine. Oh, and cleaning up our environment so we’re not exposed to toxic chemicals (… yeah, such as the stuff companies keep spraying on our food and water and our government keeps spraying on our towns and cities).

As to whether vaccines are the best way to control infectious diseases… Well, that depends on how steep the price is in terms of injuring and killing and destroying the lives of people. How many of us, our children do we feel comfortable sacrificing. The thing is, the price is infinitely steeper than most people seem to think. But the truth is knocking at the door, louder and louder. Sadly and maddeningly, the powers that be do not wish to open it for fear of what they’ll see. Think about. What if they were completely, horribly wrong?


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