The lowdown on vaccination

Okay, so here’s the basic lowdown on vaccination. Now, granted, I’m not saying it’s the entire story. We all know that science is NEVER settled, right? So there’s clearly another side that others prefer to put out there. But here’s my go at it. The condensed version. First of all, this medical intervention does not provide you with life-long immunity to diseases, as scientists, doctors and public health officials initially claimed. That was either a lie or poor science. It can, on the other hand, cause brain damage or death as a result of the wide range of toxic chemicals and heavy metals you’re injecting into your fatty tissue and, ultimately, into your bloodstream. Oh, and lastly, vaccination can also spread—through a phenomenon called viral shedding—the very diseases you’re trying to prevent, thereby possibly creating outbreaks of those diseases. There. How’s that? ( … Well, that sucks.)


One thought on “The lowdown on vaccination

  1. It can also cause injury from contamination — vaccines are often grown on live cells, and it is not possible to remove all viruses, retroviruses, mycoplama from the ferment.

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