Oh those whacky conscientious parents

One of the reasons suggested by some CDC officials (… I think Coleen Boyle for one) for why you cannot do a fair longitudinal cohort study comparing vaccinated versus unvaccinated children is that there would be factors that would skew the results in favor of the unvaccinated children. The main factor mentioned is  the likelihood that the unvaccinated kids would come from families in which the parents are more conscientious about maintaining good health habits, such as eating nutritious, unprocessed foods free of chemical additives; getting plenty of sleep and exercise and sunlight; and avoiding prescription drugs and unnecessary medical tests.

In other words, they would be the kind of parents who take an active interest in  the natural health of their children and do everything possible to lower the susceptibility of their kids to disease and illness. Ironically, these are the kind of parents (… you know, the really educated and present ones) that the mainstream labels as irresponsible and even whacky for doing their own research, trusting their own instincts, and having the nerve to question the parochial knowledge and wisdom of most healthcare professionals when it comes to vaccination. Now, that’s pretty whacky.


7 thoughts on “Oh those whacky conscientious parents

  1. This does nothing to diminish the import of the comparison, in fact it strengthens it as it shows that maintaining good health habits, such as eating nutritious, unprocessed foods free of chemical additives; getting plenty of sleep and exercise and sunlight; and avoiding prescription drugs and unnecessary medical tests is more effective than vaccinating.

    The absence of vaccine damage is another factor but not the only reason to not vaccinate.

  2. I’d love to see a quote or source that anyone at the CDC is making this argument. The very same argument could be made that parents who vaccinate are the ones who are more concerned about the overall health and well being of their children since they are the ones who are willing to take the steps to protect their children against crippling and deadly diseases.

    Prior to the bogus study that supposedly linked autism and vaccines there was little to no anti-vaccination movement. The “study” was in fact an unethical hoax perpetuated by Dr. Wakefield that has since been retracted and discredited by numerous other doctors and sources.

    By the way even if it were true; I’d rather my kid have Autism than polio any day.

    • Jessie, two things:

      First, the anti-vaccine movement has been around for about as long as vaccines (which you’d know if you did even a cursory google search before leaving your comment!). Parents have objected to the forcible injection of foreign “stuff” for as long as that foreign “stuff” has existed.


      Second, I encourage you to read that “study” before talking about. And maybe learn a little about Andrew Wakefield, since he never said anything about not vaccinating (Andrew Wakefield advised parents to vaccinate with the individual measles vaccine that used to exist but doesn’t any longer–so he’s a terrible face for the anti-vaccine movement). The study opined that the MMR (combo vax, and ONLY the MMR combo vax) *might* be causing autism in children with gut diseases, since measles virus was found in the intestinal tract of the subject children (to overly simplify). His study was not anti-vaccine, and said nothing about vaccines as a whole. When asked specifically about it, Andrew Wakefield stated (as mentioned previously) that he’d encourage parents to vaccinate with the separate measles vaccine rather than the combo vaccine.


    • Wow, Jessie, you really are a moron! First , these ” diseases” are mostly invented to scare people as uninformed as you are ( seems to be working) and secondly, have you been around any autistic kids at all? What a monumentally stupid remark to make. Honey, don’t breed – just don’t.

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