I ponder

So I ponder and I ask myself, “What’s worse, finding out that vaccines have, after all, helped to diminish the incidence of many infectious diseases OR finding out that vaccines are responsible for tens of millions of brain injuries and deaths?” We know that vaccines may have, at best, helped reduce the incidence of certain diseases. Clearly, they were not primarily responsible for the dramatic declines in the death rates from disease. That was owed to such things as sanitation, clean drinking water, improved environmental pollution regulations, antibiotics, and overall improved access to healthcare (among other things).

So I ponder and I ask myself, “Why not err on the side of caution and go all out to study a huge group of vaccinated children versus a huge group of unvaccinated children?” Let the chips fall where they may. Let’s find out once and for all… just in case there is even a tiny chance that our scientists, doctors and public health officials may have gotten it horribly wrong. Astonishingly, that sort of study has NEVER been performed. We are injecting our children every day with concoctions of aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, MSG, polysorbate 80, borax live viruses, animal and human fetal cell tissue, and other toxic crap. And we still don’t know?


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