Squat is bliss

Yes yes, it’s true… most medical doctors and nurses know squat about vaccines. Experts? Oh please. Don’t make me laugh (or cry). Think about what that means. Tens of millions of vaccines are given to children around the world each year by individuals who are largely or completely ignorant about vaccines, the ingredients they contain, the synergistic toxicity of those ingredients, or the short- or long-term impact on the brain, immune system and gut microbiome of human beings. I know I know, you don’t believe me. I know I know it’s just not possible, at least not in a sane world. But that’s just it, it’s NOT a sane world when it comes to mainstream vaccine science and public policy. So here are three little ‘ole articles I wrote to back up my assertion. Never let it be said that I’m one of those irresponsible people who engages in habitually throwing crazy ideas out there without some thought and research and at least some semblance of evidence. Enjoy, and feel free to share.

Doctors Are No Experts on Vaccines

Many Doctors Vaccinate Out of Fear

“Consult Your Doctor” on Vaccines?



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