Yep, let’s definitely go and declare war on ISIS

What a bunch of bunk. Really? Declare war on ISIS? That’s one sure fire way to expand that group’s stature in the world and dramatically fuel its recruitment efforts and make these guys more relevant and lethal. Imagine, the world’s most powerful military and economic nation, the leader of the “free world,” the only remaining “superpower,” declaring war on a bunch of terrorists who are already getting their butts severely kicked by US-led forces in Iraq and Syria, are losing huge swaths of territory, and are desperately trying to show that they’re not increasingly irrelevant by sponsoring attacks against helpless, unsuspecting civilians in the West. Yeah, declare war on them and instantly give them the street cred they longingly crave and need in order to remain even semi viable. Yeah, this definitely demonstrates brilliant tactical and strategic thinking. Declare war, my foot.


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