The sudden fractionalization of a major political party

After the coup in Honduras in 2009, the Liberal Party ceased to be a viable political party in that country. The Liberal Party has become so fractionalized that it will not win another presidential election anytime in the near-future. The party has lost about half its base to the socialist Libre Party and, to some degree, the philosophically vague Anti-Corruption Party (PAC). Both Libre and the PAC are dependent largely on cultish personality figure heads consumed primarily with criticizing and attacking the now supremely dominant National Party—the conservatives. Neither offers great hope of inspired, adept and solutions-based leadership.

The Nationalists won the presidency in 2013 and they will win again in 2017, and probably again in 2021… unless someone new comes along and unites the opposition parties. A skilled visionary, which, at the moment, is nowhere in sight. And that unless better happen sooner rather than later, because the more the Nationalists get used to winning, the more autocratic they will grow, and the less democratic Honduras will become. (Not that the country was all that democratic to begin with.) This is the fate of countries who, for one reason or another, suffer the sudden and dramatic demise of one of their two major political parties.


3 thoughts on “The sudden fractionalization of a major political party

  1. There was no coup. The president broke the laws of the constitution. Congress and the supreme court found Mel guilty and legally removed him from office.

    • Sorry, but there was no trial. The accused never had an opportunity to defend himself. Kangaroo courts such as the one you’ve described don’t count. This one is a no-brainer.

      • I understand now. He was your idol. He was in league with Hugo Chavez. He doubled the minimum wage in one day, and unemployment rose in proportion. Gotta love socialists.

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