To your warrior journey

“Warriors have an ulterior purpose for their acts which has nothing to do with personal gain. The average man acts only if there is a chance for profit. Warriors act not for profit, but for the spirit.” — Carlos Castaneda

And, of course, spirit is truth. Thank you Del, Andy and Polly. You are great warriors. Hope you don’t mind, but my spirit (and that of millions) cannot help but tag alongside yours in your long and tireless, relentless and inspired journey. Feel our weight and be well.

One thought on “To your warrior journey

  1. I’m right with you on this! Thank you to anyone and everyone that is standing strong and willing to be ridiculed, shamed upon and disrespected in the name of our innocent children. We do not do what we do each and every day for any cash reward we fight in the defence of our precious babies. Thst alone is an award all on its own. Each time a new parents asks me questions or tells me thank you that is the best reward no money could ever replace. It gives me the strength to keep going and ignore all the hate. We are the greater good. We are warriors! We love our children, all of them and we know they deserve the absolute best future and we will fight to make sure they get it. Love to all in this fight. May we all stand strong and together as one. United we stand!

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