Mental and loaded for bear

There is a mass shooting in the United States every day. (Repeat that to yourself now). Most of them involve only a few victims. Occasionally, you get a Columbine (13 killed), a San Bernardino (14 killed), a University of Texas Tower (14 killed), a Luby’s Cafeteria (24 killed), a Sandy Hook (26 killed), Virginia Tech (32 killed), an Orlando (at least 50 killed). Oh, and let’s not forget the Oklahoma City bombing (168 killed). (Okay, that wasn’t a mass shooting. Sorry.) This is really a continuation of business as usual. The difference is that when the killing is performed by someone with a funny sounding foreign name and just happens to be Muslim, some people like to label the action “radical Islamic terrorism.” When it’s only a white guy with a name like Tim, hey, he’s just mental. What did most of these lunatics have in common? They were hauling around a high-powered rifle, loads of ammo, and lots personal baggage.


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