When you’re dealt two bad hands…

I have never been a political partisan. I dislike voting for someone based on their political party affiliation. Give me a good and intelligent person who is not overly self-absorbed and thin-skinned. Give me a pragmatist, rather than an ideologue. Give me someone who will listen more than talk, observe quietly more than rant. Give me someone who is not a bigot or a racist or a narcissist. Or just plain hateful. Give me someone who believes in personal liberty, but also civic responsibility. Someone who believes that government exists to serve the people, but that its power should be restrained, both at home and especially abroad. Someone who doesn’t thrive on glory and pummeling and diminishing others. Someone who doesn’t insult or threaten as a way to get what he or she wants. Someone who is repulsed by the idea of using fear as a tactic or a strategy. Someone who is not a spoiled brat. Someone who doesn’t waste the public’s time by constantly looking in the mirror. I’ll support and vote for that individual, and I could care less what party of religion or planet that person is from. Now, that’s the ideal. If that person is not an option, then I can either vote my conscience or put it aside and just be pragmatic about it and go with the better hand.


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