Survival mode for the unprepared

One of the things I’ve noticed about people like Paul Offit and David Gorski (aka Orac) is that they like to avoid debate with people who disagree with them on vaccines. One of their favorite ways of doing this is to try and delegitimize their adversaries through continual ad hominem attacks or simply by saying they’re not qualified to debate the issue. The goal is to make it difficult for them to be heard respectfully. Donald Trump is another character who commonly uses this tactic. Since they do not have sufficient command of the debate material themselves, people like Offit, Gorski and Trump usually opt against substance and go straight to the personal. It’s a  kind of survival mode for them.


One thought on “Survival mode for the unprepared

  1. Yeah. Even though I envy those who CAN debate this topic with them.
    For me, debates between pro- and anti-vaccine people remind me those debates in 1989 in Czechoslovakia between communists and dissidents after the Velvet Revolution. If I were a dissident, I could not take part because … well, I see no way I could convince them of my truth during a debate. And they could never ever convince me of their truth. The socialism/communism was wrong.
    Same applies to vaccines.

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