The truth about Andy Wakefield

Okay, once and for all, the story (and I should say “fairy tale”), written and pushed by slimy reporter Brian Deer in The Sunday Times of London about Dr. Andrew Wakefield and the MMR/autism study he co-authored and had published in the British medical journal, The Lancet, is FALSE. It was essentially a hit job that destroyed the reputation and career of a great and extremely courageous doctor (and someone I consider a friend now). Yet, it has been promoted by the media for years. Lazy and ignorant reporters repeat the story in almost every article they write about those who refuse to be blindly adhere to the mainstream vaccine paradigm. And what’s worse is that the readers of these absurd articles swallow the information, hook, line and sinker, without bothering to double check the facts. Then these readers repeat the story, and a kind of domino effect takes hold. Before you know it, the truth gets lost in the myth, and a good man’s life is turned upside down.

In the interest of possibly reversing the mountain of lies that has accumulated over the past years, the following is Andy’s detailed account of what happened…

(yes, sometimes hit jobs do occur and sometimes the media get things horribly wrong).


3 thoughts on “The truth about Andy Wakefield

  1. This needs to be distributed in other languages. If I provide subs in another language, would you be able to include them in the video? Thanks for posting!

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