Blind backers of a perfect storm

“Vaccines are safe. Before a vaccine is approved, the evidence for its safety and efficacy is reviewed by the Federal Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Family Physicians. The World Health Organization also reviews the evidence and works with national agencies throughout the globe to assure vaccine safety and has established an independent advisory body to review vaccine safety. It is impossible that all these US federal agencies, US doctors’ groups, and international organizations have all colluded with drug companies to over-ride safety concerns in order to push products.”

— Amer Kechli, MD, FAAP, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at Temple University

First of all, the fact that Amer is a pediatrician means that he knows next to nothing about vaccines and their impact on the immune system, gut and central nervous system. His medical school education with regard to vaccines was essentially an exercise in futility; he learned the schedule and the mantra. Period. Thus, just about anything he may say or write about vaccines is automatically suspect. Secondly, it is absolutely NOT impossible that the agencies, groups and organizations that Amer mentions have gotten it totally wrong with regard to the safety of vaccines.

Occasionally, in history, entire societies and industries have, through pure ignorance, apathy, fear and greed, created nightmare situations for peopleperfect storms, if you will. The mainstream vaccine paradigm is just such a storm. History will judge the nightmare wrought by this paradigm and its blind backers during the 20th and early 21st centuries, and it will not be kind.


6 thoughts on “Blind backers of a perfect storm

  1. Amer is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at a major teaching hospital. And yet, he knows nothing about vaccines? Um. No.

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