Five damn stars for Vaxxed

I had a ticket to see the movie Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe in Washington, DC tomorrow. But couldn’t wait, so I bought another one and went yesterday. Had wanted to go Friday when the film opened, but it was sold out. Plus dealing with DC traffic on a Friday evening is such a drag. So I drove in on a rainy Sunday afternoon. What can I say. It’s a great great film. Well-crafted and balanced. Intelligent. Never lost my attention. There was one very short segment about the Wakefield Lancet saga, so the idea that Vaxxed is about him and his “debunked” paper is absurd in the extreme.

The clear underlying thread throughout the movie is the fraud and cover-up by the CDC with regard to its last study to try and prove no causal link between MMR and autism. The film demonstrates how CDC scientists disposed of critical data showing a correlation between the vaccine given to children at an early age and the onset of autism. It shows how the study’s findings were manipulated. Ah, then there was the cover-up. (Why do they always do that? Don’t they know?) This is a huge deal, and yet barely a whisper of it all from our government and media. Stinks.

I walked out of the Angelika Pop-Up theater at Union Market in a slight daze, dry throat. Kind of felt like walking in the rain. But I got in my car and drove around the old neighborhoods in northeast DC. I purposely got lost. You know how you do that when you wanna be alone and just let the mind wander. I wandered. I eventually ended up near RFK stadium. I snapped out of it, made a U turn and headed home. One hell of a film. Thank  you Andy, Del and Polly (and Brian). Looking forward to seeing it again tomorrow with my wife and friends. Uh, five damn stars.


4 thoughts on “Five damn stars for Vaxxed

  1. Thank you…I will be checking this movie out! I want to support the makers of ‘Vaxxed’ because I know several families with children who were seriously damaged by vaccines!

  2. The CDC is corrupt to the core…everyone needs to see this!!! Parents are not given informed consent but sadly put blind faith in their Pediatricians, who are being lied to, as well. I am not letting the Pediatricians off the hook….NO WAY. At this point in time, unless you just crawled out of a cave, there is no way that everyone does not know someone with Autism. The Pediatricians are “Big Pharma’s,” Drug Pushers. Most Pediatricians don’t even know what is in the vaccines. I know this to be true, having asked a few of them. The Pediatricians hang their license up and it’s “business as usual,”……THEY NEED TO DO THEIR RESEARCH……EVERYONE DOES!!!!
    Everyone should see VAXXED..because sooner or later vaccine injury will touch all of us 😦

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