The gods of chaos

Allowing your body to work through a sickness, when it gets sick, is part of your body’s healing process. It’s the way we were designed. That’s just, well… science. Unfortunately, it seems, many medical doctors do not understand this very basic concept. Instead, they feel obligated to dampen the symptoms of the sickness by injecting you with something or giving you something to swallow. When the symptoms magically vanish or diminish, and the patient feels better (for the moment), the patient is relieved and believes he or she has been cured, relieved of that nasty pain. The person is grateful, and suddenly the doctor is a god. The doctor too suddenly sees himself or herself as a god. A hearty pat on the shoulder is in order. Yet another victory, another life eased or saved. The doctor leans back and proudly gazes at the framed diploma hanging on the wall, and thinks… “Thank you expensive medical school education.” Meanwhile, the patient’s immune system has been suppressed, and the chaos commences.


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