The basackwardness of Western medicine

Those whose immune system is not sufficiently developed or exercised and strong are precisely the ones who would be most susceptible to injury or death caused by vaccines. Our children. This is one of the problems with mainstream Western medicine, its logic seems to constantly be all twisted up, basackwards. The way you stay healthy is by LOWERING your susceptibility to disease and illness. You don’t lower your susceptibility by contaminating yourself with foreign matter, chemicals, metals, filth. When you contaminate yourself, you INCREASE your susceptibility, because you block your body’s ability to do what it was designed to do—gravitate toward health. Unfortunately, practitioners of allopathic medicine are unable to fully understand, or even vaguely grasp, the basics of good health.

Odd, isn’t it… people who go to school to learn and train about providing health are actually doing the OPPOSITE. This is why Westerners, despite all the money being invested in “healthcare” by their governments, are increasingly chronically ill, and their doctors are increasingly bewildered by all that sickness and suffering. How often have you observed doctors scratch their head and say, “Well, it’s a mystery to me.”? It shouldn’t be a mystery at all. Western medicine has turned millions of people into sick and helpless drug addicts who are thoroughly uninformed about the simplest elements of achieving good health. (Which really isn’t that hard people!) Being sick in the West has become the norm, not the exception—thanks primarily to the former noble art form known as “modern medicine.”


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