Front assaults are irrational

So, what do you do if some 40 students at your university (oh, let’s just say… Harvard) come down with mumps, and all of the students had been fully vaccinated with two doses of live-virus MMR vaccine? Well, under similar conditions, other universities have given students a third dose of MMR. This is how the popular logic works. It’s never, “Ah, maybe the vaccine doesn’t work.” or “Jeez, maybe the vaccine itself is infecting the students, and they in turn are infecting the others.” Rather, it’s… “Oh, we obviously need more vaccine.” This kind of thinking is not so dissimilar from repeated infantry frontal assaults against fortified positions armed with machine guns and artillery. “Ah, the first wave didn’t work, so, by God, let’s send in the second wave, and the third, and a forth…” These kind of tactics, led by unremarkable generals, go down in fighting lore but they never win battles. They just leave a lot of dead and wounded people on the field.


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