Viruses mutate to survive

Ya see, there’s this thing called “mutation.” It happens with bacteria when we humans go crazy using antibiotics for everything from having a cough and postnasal drip to washing our hands. Same thing happens with viruses. When we are constantly injecting ourselves with vaccines for just about everything, beginning from the time we are fetuses in our mothers’ wombs to when we start to become interested in sex to up until we are old and senile, viruses tend to mutate. Why? Because viruses (like us) are living organisms, with an inherent inclination to survive. (Funny how that is, eh?) And so they mutate, they adapt to hostile environments created by vaccines. The more we vaccinate, the more viruses mutate. It’s really an unwinnable game we’re playing at. We’re just creating more aggressive and dangerous viruses. Just like we’ve done with bacteria. But we don’t seem to learn, do we. There… there’s your science lesson for the day. Cheers.


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