VAXXED, it’s about government fraud and corruption

Okay, let me try to say this once again… For all you absolutely apathetic and clueless members of the “free” press who have written about—or are about to be assigned to write about—the movie VAXXED: From Cover-up to CatastropheThe movie is not about Andrew Wakefield! Hello. It’s about alleged fraud and corruption by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). You know, big bad government… lying, manipulating, covering up? The kind of stuff you normally get all oh-oh-I-gotta-go-to-the-bathroom all tingly over. This really shouldn’t be all that hard to get… Yeah yeah, assuming you have half a brain. Got it? Good. (Sheesh… darn sheep.)


One thought on “VAXXED, it’s about government fraud and corruption

  1. I went to 2 private screenings of the film Vaxxed: from Cover-up to Catastrophe over the weekend. It has taken me a few days to really process through all the thoughts and emotions provoked by this very well made documentary.
    I have followed the vaccine whistleblower story, thought myself to be well informed about the vaccine debate and the truth about Dr Andrew Wakefield. But I still wasn’t prepared for shocking allegations this film makes.
    Make one thing clear: the only reason this film has anything to do with Dr Wakefield is because the CDC was involved in “reaction based research” into the MMR vaccine and Autism – in reaction to his findings in 1998. They found a link and LIED about it instead of warning those who are vulnerable.
    So, let’s get this out of the way: what did Wakefield report in his now-retracted 1998 study of children with regressive autism and gut inflammation? That the parents had reported the regression following the MMR vaccine, that the children had gut inflammation, or colitis, and that live vaccine-strain measles was found growing in the gastrointestinal tract. Oh, yeah, and that more research is warranted. For that reason and none other he was vilified.
    Fast-forward to 2001, and the CDC is looking at the MMR vaccine to see if there is any risk for autism. Guess what? They found a link and covered it up!
    That is the subject matter covered by this movie. The allegations are no minor accusations – and if they were false I would expect multiple lawsuits for libel and slander from those alleged to have played a role in this cover-up. Yet none have been filed because the allegations can be proven to be TRUE.
    This film must be seen by everyone. See it, and draw your own conclusions!
    #cdcwhistleblower #hearthiswell #vaxxedthemovie #cdctruth #vaxxed

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