1 in 2 by 2032

It is estimated that by 2032, 1 out of 2 children in the United States will be diagnosed with autism. That’s every other kid. That is a nightmare of nuclear war proportions. Perhaps worse. I have to believe that we will come out of our vaccine nightmare long before then. But if we don’t, we will have decimated our child population (and a huge percentage of our adults), demolished our economy, and destroyed our country… and certainly our democracy, because all trust in government, doctors and their helpers, industry, and the media will have vanished. Once people awake to the realization that generations of their children, family and friends have been injured or killed by institutional stupidity, ineptitude, neglect, apathy, fear, and greed, what of our society will be left to salvage? It is all so medieval and utterly unnecessary. What a horrible future.


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