Who needs ISIS

We’re now at 1 in 45. We’ll soon be at 1 in 25. Eventually 1 in 2. And then there will be a point when there will be MORE children with autism than those without. Think about what this will mean. You have to wonder at what point people will snap out of their slumber and realize the extreme gravity of this national “super crisis.” We’re worried about ISIS, measles, mullahs, and Vladimir Putin? Really? None of those even remotely pose a greater danger to the national security of the United States. No, the autism rates aren’t absurdly higher because of better diagnosis or because of genetic mutations or the re-wording of survey questions. Autism is climbing at way past alarming rates because we’re poisoning our children, and we just cannot accept that we’ve been so utterly, ridiculously, criminally stupid. We’ve taken the concept of “Groupthink” to a level never imagined possible. We are literally destroying America. Who needs ISIS.


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