Peer review don’t cut it

Very little within the peer review process is trustworthy, and thus almost impossible to know its degree of accuracy. I’m afraid the “system” of medical trade associations, pharma, government and media has become so compromised by pharma money and fear that you probably need to tear it down entirely and start over. Medicine has been destroyed by the growth of the managed healthcare system. The art of medicine has largely disappeared and been replaced by the business of medicine. There are indeed exceptions. There are brilliant and honorable physicians—people like Suzanne Humphries, Russell Blaylock, Sherri Tenpenny, Andrew Wakefield, Larry Palevsky, and many others who have had the courage and spine to come out and tell it the way it is. There are many others waiting to come out of the closet, but they’re still too scared. Fix the system, make it credible and transparent and honorable. Until then, I’m afraid we’re facing a growing crisis of trust. Peer review won’t cut it, any more than you can seriously expect the US Congress to reform itself. A corrupt system cannot become anything other than what it is.


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