The brilliant scientific logic behind Zika

Consider the following logic. (Now, mind you… this is an imaginary story, tale. It probably could not really happen in real life.)

Say, you have 100 pregnant women living in a small city in Brazil. The city borders a dense jungle area. A wealthy local businessman wants to develop the area, and so he buys up the stretch of land and commences spraying large amounts of the highly toxic chemical defoliant Agent Orange to clear the jungle. Lots of it. There are swarms of pesky mosquitoes in the area, so the businessman also starts spraying the highly toxic pesticide DDT. Lots of it.

The spraying goes on daily for months. The runoff from the chemicals contaminates local lakes, ponds, rivers and streams, thus contaminating the local drinking water supply and water people use to bathe with and cook with. People complain to local authorities, but nothing ever gets done. The chemicals are banned substances, but the wealthy businessman has paid off local authorities to look the other way.

Separately, there has been an increase in the number of children coming down with pertussis (whooping cough), and so the government mandates that all pregnant women in the city receive the Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) vaccine. All 100 pregnant women cheerily walk over to their local health clinic and get vaccinated for free with Tdap. (Bear in mind that Tdap has never been tested for safety in pregnant women and their fetuses.)

All 100 women are poor. Half of them are not married. The other half have husbands who are unemployed or underemployed. Many of the husbands or boyfriends are emotionally or physically abusive to the women. Hey, it happens when you’re poor, don’t have a job, minimal hope, and you live in a machista culture that reinforces such behavior. Some of the men work in the fields near the area where the Agent Orange and DDT are being sprayed or they actually do the work of spraying chemicals themselves.

All of the 100 women use drugs and alcohol to some degree to relieve the stresses, fears and boredom of daily life. It helps numb them, helps them temporarily forget their miserable lives. They all smoke cigarettes to some degree. And they all are malnourished to some degree, because they never seem to have enough money to buy plenty of healthy, nutritious food.

The 100 women give birth to their babies, and it turns out that 10 of the babies are born with microcephaly (smaller than normal heads and some brain damage). The government declares a public health emergency—an unnerving and befuddling epidemic of microcephaly. Normally, there might be 1 case of microcepahly in 100 births. But now, for some reason, there are 10. Three of the babies with microcephaly are tested for a virus known to be relatively harmless. The mothers of those babies are also tested for the virus. The babies and their mothers all test positive for the virus.

“Ah!” the government declares, “We have isolated the cause of the microcephaly epidemic! We have conclusive scientific proof. We must now have a vaccine to protect us from the virus. Let’s spend tons of money on this.”

The media? Editors, reporters, investigative journalists? They’re all on holiday.


3 thoughts on “The brilliant scientific logic behind Zika

  1. What better way to cover up the truth as to how these women’s bodies were poisoned by all the toxic chemicals than to blame it on a virus that has been known about since 1946 with no prior reported cases of microcephaly or other birth defects from it. Sounds like a plan to me.

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