Vaxxed is about government fraud and corruption

The movie Vaxxed is about alleged fraud and corruption within the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That’s it, plain and simple. The allegations should be aired widely and intensively discussed. The senior scientist at the CDC who has made the allegations should be subpoenaed to testify before Congress to determine if there is any truth to them. If there isn’t, then fine. If there is, then top officials of the CDC should also be subpoenaed to testify, and we should get to the bottom of it all. This is the way things are supposed to work in a civilized  and well-ordered society where supposedly nobody is above the law. And the media should be hungering for this process to proceed, rather than trying to block it every step of the way, as if it were part of some grand conspiracy to obscure the truth. The media usually doesn’t have a problem wishing to expose fraud within government. So what’s the problem? Remember the Pentagon’s $500 hammers? Well, this is no different. Except we’re talking about more than hammers, aren’t we.


One thought on “Vaxxed is about government fraud and corruption

  1. We all know how government hearings go we been watching. With VA AND THE IRS. ALL SHOW. No one had been held responsible. So sure the same game with the CDC. All government agencies. Has any thing changed with the VA OR IRS? Except the same with the CDC. we are still forced to vaccinate or children and older adults telling us it is for our health.

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