De Niro takes the giant leap

“Nobody seems to want to address [the issue of whether vaccines cause autism] or they say they’ve addressed it and it’s a closed issue. But it doesn’t seem to be because there are many people who will come out and say, ‘No. I saw my kid change like overnight. I saw what happened and I should have done something and I didn’t.’ So there’s more to this than meets the eye, believe me. The thing is to shut it down—there’s no reason to. If you’re scientists, let’s see, let’s hear. Everybody doesn’t want to hear much about it, it’s shut down. … There is a link [between vaccines and autism] and they are saying there isn’t and there are… other things there. I don’t know, I’m not a scientist but I know because I’ve seen so much reaction of just ‘let’s find out the truth.’ … I think the movie [Vaxxed] is something that people should see. There’s a lot of information about things that are happening with the CDC, the pharmaceutical companies, there’s a lot of things that are not said. I, as a parent of a child who has autism, I’m concerned. And I want to know the truth.”

— Robert De Niro (April 13, 2016)

That’s one small step for Robert De Niro, one giant leap for humankind. This might be as big as walking on the Moon. Neil and Buzz have nothing on Bobby.


18 thoughts on “De Niro takes the giant leap

  1. Someone who gets to speak and be heard is what needs to happen for all the children and all the parents/loved ones connected to these children. He has spoken for all of them!! It is about time. Thanks 🙂

  2. This is not the first time a subject has been treated this way take the GMO issue first we’re told round up is bio degradeable and of course now we find out the opposite is true . We are living in a time where the truth is hard to find especially when there is a conflict of interest and money is concerned . Once upon a time there was real debate instead now we have emotional propaganda delived by sources that have a conflict of interest ie Governments drug companies , it seems finding the truth is like finding a needle in a haystack.

  3. My daughter has autism. I knew something was wrong when she was a little over a year old. This was 52 years ago. I didn’t meet another parent of an autistic child until my daughter was 7 years old. This was before all the shots were available. She is very affected. She was not able to have any help until she was 12. I am convinced that she was born with autism. She must have care for the rest of her life. I also realize that she is on the far end of the spectrum. I pray that a reason for this horrible malady will be found. Things seem to be more helpful for young ones now. I wish there had been help when she was young.

  4. My so has sleep apnea and heart deceleration a after his 2 month shots! And I found our through a fluke… You go Robert! People need to know the dangers so they can protect their babies!

  5. My daughter changed overnight….right after a vaccine. I know my heart. She is gone know. No longer here to enjoy life. RIP Ashley Fliger. 01/04/1995-10/26/2009. Autism and EOS.

  6. I’ve witnessed vaccine injury in my autistic daughter following her series of three shots of Gardasil. Watching her health decline and seeing her in misery without any help from her physician, led me on a path of discovery into vaccine injury and naturopathic healthcare. Hearing Robert DeNiro articulate my thoughts and feelings on national television brought me to tears. He became a hero to me for speaking so passionately and for being a voice for me and my daughter. He will need our support now more than ever if we are to see a change in our current vaccine system.

  7. Thank heaven someone well know to the public is finally talking! Side effects and autoimmune diseases due to vaccination is not that rare but no one wants to take the big fight and those Who do get haunted down like criminals. Too much money involved and little care given to all the children being negatively affected by porly tested vaccines.

  8. It’s what I’ve been saying every day—practically all day—since I started on Facebook.
    Anyone who vaccinates their children before these questions are answered—or the vaccine industry’s criminal behavior is exposed—is playing Russian Roulette with their children’s lives.

  9. Vaccines associated with autism is just the tip of the iceberg. My daughter has Multiple Chemical Anaphylaxis and I track the foundation for this condition to her vaccinations. She had all the classic negative reactions, encephalitic scream within an hour of her first MMR, rashes, projectile vomiting, and more. She barely ever slept. It wasn’t until years later when I read the 1913 Nobel Prize article on anaphylaxis by Charles Richet and studied the work of Dr. Andrew Moulden and others that I began putting the understanding together. People like my daughter are “imvisible” some living in National Parks since they cannot survive in our normal chemical laden environments. They are unable to walk into MDs offices, go to hospitals, dentists, optometrists because of the chemicals. This is a huge and growing problem that has yet to be properly discussed and addressed.

  10. My grandson is autistic I also believe that it was because of the vaccine day after every thing changed

  11. Follow the $$$$…CDC coverup..whistle blower sound familiar? Didn’t they say the exact same thing about tobacco? What about Dr Hans Blix..most may not recall the name. Em he was unanimously backed by the UN to be the lead weapons inspector to fine the WMDs in Iraq. His conclusion..there weren’t any. This didn’t fit the US pack of lies and they proceeded to destroy his life and his impeccable reputation. Sound familiar..see Dr Wakefield..highly respected expert on vaccines.. They destroyed his life with Nazi style propoganda. Now we have this movie which shows the massive CDC cover up with falsifying of data etc. yet the media won’t say a word? Why? The big pharma companies spend BILLIONS advertising in their magazines and on TV. It makes me sick to my stomach. They truth ALWAYS comes out and I believe we will look back on this decimation of an entire generation as one of the worst black spots in human history.

  12. mr de niro in 1984 20/20 did a report on the DPT shot and how it is dangerousin this country they cmpated it to howengland does the shot it is the pertussis which caused the proplems i hav a son who was affected from the shot i wrote to 20/20 to get a copy of the show or the transripts bu no answer after 2 attmpts

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