That Deer guy

Compare the integrity of Brian Deer with that of Andrew Wakefield. Study the two men. Watch their interviews. Look at their faces, their eyes, their expressions. Listen closely to their voices, their tone and their words. Observe them closely, their form. See how they are with other people. Get a feel for them. The two men seem to be from separate planets. Wakefield is clearly from Earth. God knows where the other guy landed from.

“Brian (Deer) remains isolated, a social pariah, who will undoubtedly be cast aside like a used condom when his benefit to the Department of Health and ABPI comes to an end.” — Martin Walker, investigative writer


2 thoughts on “That Deer guy

  1. I totally agree with you about Deer. Everything I’ve researched about him is that he is not a true journalist. I’m guessing he’s difficult to get along with – based on his lack of employment for long periods of time. Interestingly enough, I stumbled onto some communications on the Internet between some pro-vaccine/science/skeptical blogger types. They were discussing how idiotic they thought certain doctors were and using their usual, negative derogatory words about ANYONE who didn’t agree with their position (you can be a mom, a PhD, an MD with specialities – if you don’t agree with THEM, you’re labeled a moron or a quack). Anyway, Deer inserted himself into the conversation and surprisingly enough, you can tell THEY think he’s an idiot. They basically belittled him. It was like watching the popular kids tossing away the nerdy kid after they used him for his homework (only these are the nerdy kids tossing aside the “geek-wannabe”!).

    Here’s a little known fact about Deer. He’s a liar about being an investigative journalist for the London Sunday Times. How do I know? They said so! I wonder if he said he was while in court? That might be worth the time of someone like Wakefield – that’s perjury and I’m not sure if there’s a statute of limitations on perjury in British Courts!

    Brian Deer:

    “It is quite clear that you do not understand English. Brian Deer is not a member of the Sunday Times staff. He is a freelance journalist who runs his own website and blog and is not under the control or direction of the Sunday Times. Mr. Deer should not represent himself as a Sunday Times journalist. He is not a member of staff, does NOT have a regular salary from us, is not on our pension scheme and pays his own tax as a freelance. If he says that he writes for the Sunday Times that would be correct. He is a contributor to The Sunday Times on an occasional basis but again we have no control over him …”
    – Alaistair Brett, Legal Manager, Sunday Times

    GlaxoSmithKline troubles:

  2. The Sunday Times headed the Wakefield witch hunt. The Murdochs own the newspaper and are shareholders in GSK pharmaceuticals which produced the MMR vaccine at the time.

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