This whole anti thing

What do nationalist extremists in the United States say when you protest wars, bombing campaigns or targeted assassinations launched by your country’s government. You’re anti-American. What do religious extremists say when you protest the rape and abuse of children by officials of the Church and then try to cover it all up? You’re anti-religion. What do scientific extremists say when you protest mainstream science in subfields such as vaccination because you believe it to be dangerous to your health and violates your most basic human and civil rights. You’re anti-science. Do you see the pattern here? Ironically, whether it’s American nationalism, religion or science, the thing that is supposed to be held most dear is freedom of thought, expression. Dissent is what has allowed America, the Church and science to evolve, breathe and flourish. Yet, it is the thing that extremists always seem to want to shut down, deprive you of… as if a firm no more! and the process of change are always deserving of fear, rather than embrace. If allowed, there is nothing else.



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