You’re the tops Arthur

“Celebrities have had an out-of-proportion impact on the public’s understanding of vaccine risk. I don’t want to overplay it; most people vaccinate. It’s not like hordes of people are listening to Jenny McCarthy and saying, ‘Forget the American Association of Pediatrics, I’m going with the former Playboy Bunny.'”

— Arthur L. Caplan, head of the Division of Medical Ethics at New York University


Well, given that a huge huge segment of the medical community (particularly pediatricians, whose income is derived largely from giving shots) knows next to nothing about vaccines and their effects on the human immune system, brain and gut… uh, I think I’ll go with Jenny. Memorization of the schedule, a perfunctory knowledge of the theory, and repetitive jabbing hardly count for expertise. But thanks anyway, Arthur… you’re the tops.


One thought on “You’re the tops Arthur

  1. In order to understand the devastation of vaccines, you have to get beyond the huge volume of money being poured into a massive marketing spin campaign that involves ASTROTURFING and then do some serious investigation as to the technology itself. Most people do not have the understanding or sophistication to do REAL RESEARCH. They rely on what they believe to be a credible source, their doctor, that has been indoctrinated and most of all, MOTIVATED by drug companies to promote vaccines! The people opposing vaccines are not typically doctors that want to give up those perks, motivations, and even protecting their license by bucking the “STANDARD OF CARE” established by drug companies that are providing the information.

    When you realize neither the doctor, nor the drug company can be sued for vaccine damage no matter the evidence or proof presented, you begin to realize the heinous, corrupt way vaccines are being promoted with NO RESPONSIBILITY REQUIRED by the doctor or drug company! This means they can say or do anything without being sued. IT IS THE FOX WATCHING THE HEN HOUSE!

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