Heaven help us from their thought process

“Edward Jenner probably thought once people started to see that people aren’t turning into cows, that fears about vaccines would go away. We’ve certainly moved past the question of whether vaccines turns us into cows, but what the anti-vaccine movement doesn’t realize is that we’ve also answered the question of autism and vaccines.”

— Karen Ernst, executive director of Voices for Vaccines, a parent-led, pro-vaccine advocacy group


Right you are Karen, because we all know that there could not possibly be anything other than those two possibilities—Oh, like… injury, destroyed lives, financial ruin, death. Either people turn into cows or vaccines work. That’s it. Ergo, since people clearly do not turn into cows, vaccines must work. Since not every child who is vaccinated immediately develops symptoms of autism, then of course vaccines do not cause autism. Yep, that’s that. Time to move on. That’s the kind of sound logic, scientific reasoning parroted by mainstream vaccine paradigmers. Heaven help us.


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