Oh, those Brad Pitt-like good looks

“[Dr. Wakefield] is very engaging, very good-looking and an excellent speaker so he attracts followers. People buy into a concept—so the psychologists have told us—and then when they are presented information that’s quite contrary to the notion that they hold so dear, the normal human reaction is to double down and become even more stubbornly committed to the concept.”

   —Dr. William Schaffner, professor of preventive medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical School

According to an article in the current People magazine, “Schaffner suggests that supporters of the movie [Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catrastraphe] are drawn by Wakefield’s charisma.” Huh, you mean it’s not remotely possible that people might be interested in the film because it’s about the alleged cover-up by the top health agency in the United States involving an epidemiological study linking the MMR (mumps, measles and rubella) vaccine to autism—a neurological disorder now affecting 1 in 45 children in the country. Gosh, it couldn’t be because well-educated and well-informed people have legitimate reasons for being concerned about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. Gee, it couldn’t be because there doesn’t exist a free market system with regard to vaccines, where there is a government-industry-media partnership designed to silence any dissent on vaccination and take away the medical informed consent rights of individuals with regard to that medical procedure. It’s just gotta be because Andy is so darn handsome. Yep, that must be it. What a moronicly stupid man you are Billy Bob.


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