Like a weird horror movie

One of the rationales given for removing the film Vaxxed from the Tribeca Film Festival’s lineup is that, by giving the film a “major platform” it would legitimize a debate “where none exists.” Really, there’s no debate on vaccines? None? The millions of people, thousands of doctors and scientists, who are either adamantly against vaccines or at least question their safety and effectiveness and opt to veer from government recommendations and mandates to vaccinate. The dozens of studies that suggest serious problems with the paradigm, flaws in the logic and the science and the history. All those children injured, killed. Countless lives destroyed. … They don’t exist (ever existed)? Or is it that they don’t count because they don’t conform or fit neatly? It is all so surreal. It’s like a weird horror movie, poorly written and produced, with lots of bad actors. Feels interminable, but you’re not allowed to leave till it’s over. So you just sit there in that dark room, waiting for those credits to start rolling.


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