The issue has now been transformed… checkmate

By nixxing the film VAXXED, the Tribeca Film Festival—but mainly its corporate sponsors—has transformed the issue. (I bow in gratitude.) As important as it is, the issue is no longer solely about vaccines and the CDC cover-up of its study linking the MMR vaccine to increased rates of autism. It is about censorship. Plain ‘ole censorship. It’s about silencing free speech in a country whose very claim to exceptionalism is based on its openness to speech—its willingness to encourage and defend it, especially when it is unpleasant, contrarian. Without that, forget the whole exceptionalism thing. We’re almost nothing. Checkmate.


2 thoughts on “The issue has now been transformed… checkmate

  1. The U.S. started out with a lot more freedoms than it has today, unfortunately. The Constitution has freedom of contract and many others enumerated (not to mention the 9th and 10th amendments). Free speech is important but, when all is said and done, not nearly enough to assure a free society.

  2. We’ve only seen the impassioned opening gambits so far.
    Courage. The end game remains unforeseen, as this film at this time under these circumstances meets the criteria of a societal tipping point almost as if it were intelligently designed for just that purpose.
    Marco, you are a gentleman and a technologist, but I am a simple Soldier both unfettered by the bounds of polite convention and familiar with the brawl. What you have here is a pivotal moment in the Anti-Vaccine movement patiently waiting for us to seize it. And what you are about to see right here is a fierce conflict on all levels but particularly in the legislative arena, as the Vaccine Lords call in their pet Congressmen.
    They’ve already started to press their legislative attack on both the multi-state and the Federal levels. “We must win.” Fortunately they’re child poisoners, and once you lay it out plain that pisses a lot of people off.

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