Remember Tuskegee?

The idea that a US government health agency would intentionally infect its citizens with syphilis—experiment with them as the Nazis did in Germany for the benefit of science—is so preposterous, so evil, that anyone who would allege such a thing or produce a documentary film exposing it should justifiably be censored and silenced. I mean, that would never happen in America, right? We should all be comforted to know that that, and anything remotely like that (be it intentional or out of pure ignorance or negligence) would never happen in America. And if it were to happen, we should all be comforted to know that our government would come clean and expose it all, or at least allow the media and film industries to expose it. Because that’s how America works, right? Our transparency is what makes us special. Our transparency is what allows the system to correct itself whenever things go horribly wrong.

Uh, well, umm… Tuskegee: Doctors and scientists experiment on Black men


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